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December 25, 2004

Back home

Made it back to Chicago. It's cold.

December 23, 2004

The end is near

Hard to believe, but our trip is coming to an end tomorrow. It feels like we just got here. The weather has still been warm by winter standards, although yesterday was overcast and considerably chillier than it has been. (For those of you shivering right now, I won't be too specific about what chilly means.)

The parents arrived the night before yesterday. We had lunch at their hotel yesterday and spent a few hours at their hotel. We did a little shopping, went to the Kihei Farmers Market for some fresh fruit (yum), ate at Longhi's in Wailea, went home to watch half of Napoleon Dynamite, and went to bed for the second to last time. We've been checking the Chicago weather often and are not looking forward to returning, especially since we didn't pack coats for our return to the airport. Looks like we'll wait for our cab home inside the airport.

Off for a run in a bit.

December 21, 2004

Kapalua, Lahaina, Ma'alaea

Nice massage with Raphael today. In many ways, my true vacation really starts after my hour with Raphael every year. Then we got in the car and headed to Lahaina for lunch at Penne Pasta. Very good food, especially for the price. It's hard to find very good cheap food in Maui. There's plenty of great food that costs a lot. There's also a lot of simply good food that costs a lot. But this was a nice combination of cost and quality that you just don't see a lot around here.

Then we took a drive to see Kapalua, where we've never been. It's a nice area, very different in appearance from Wailea. The two Kapalua golf courses look just like my computer game. Would have loved to play them. We then went a few miles past Kapalua to take a bit of a drive around the mountains. What we saw of the scenery was gorgeous. We would have gone farther but forgot to gas up the car. The road is extremely remote and takes at least several hours to go a very short distance. We're looking forward to doing the rest of the drive on another trip.

Back to Lahaina for some browsing in the shops. Then to a return trip to the Ma'alaea Waterfront restaurant for our third time there. Great food, and an "interesting" waiter who spent much of the meal hitting on my wife.

December 20, 2004

Running good, hills bad

Running feels great, but it's much harder here than in Chicago. 30 minutes at home is nothing. Here, after heading straight up a very steep hill, I'm exhausted.

December 19, 2004

(Don't) Eat at Joe's

Yesterday's post got deleted because I accidentally erased several paragraphs. Sorry.

We had a nice day but a disappointing dinner at Joe's Bar and Grill. The food was excellent, but for those prices, you expect an elegant dining experience. The restaurant was noisier than we like, and we were rushed in and out in 45 minutes, poorer. We liked our meal, but can think of so many other places we would have rather been

I don't plan to post much more on the rest of the trip because we really don't do that much here that's worth talking about. Every day is kind of the same. It's nice. We wake up between 6:30 and 7:30, we take our walk, we come back to the condo, we relax, we listen to the insanely loud people across the way (they're just waiting for Kip to come back and then they're going to go see some dolphins; then they leave for Honolulu in several days; they're doing Christmas in Honolulu; then they finish up their trip back in Maui; if you give me some more time to listen, I'll tell you what they're having for lunch), we read, we go to the pool or the beach, we eat, we relax, we take a nap, we go for a walk and watch the sunset, we eat, we relax, we go to bed, we wake up between 6:30 and 7:30, and it all starts again.

December 18, 2004

Beautiful day

Second day in Maui and we've already enjoyed more sun than we did in eight days last year. The weather is has been gorgeous. Started the day with a morning run (Lee) and walk (Janene). We then ran a coImg_0854_1uple of errands and lunched at Mama's Fish House. This was much more expensive for lunch than we were expecting, but the food was phenomenal and the view from our table was even better. After lunch, wImg_0855_1e drove down the road a short ways to watch some surfers on some unusually high waves.

We came back to the room, I struggled with and finally got the network connection working in the 'rents condo, went for a walk at sunset, went out for a quick slice of pizza at Shaka Pizza, and came back to the room to relax.

Made it to Maui

December 16, 2004
Nearing Maui. Our flight yesterday from Chicago to Los Angeles was routine, except we sat on the plane for a long time while they tried to resolve some paperwork. They didn’t have what we needed, so we taxied back to the gate. We finally took off about an hour late. We watched “Elf” on the flight for the second time in a week. We love Will Ferrell,  but a little more time between viewings would have been better. Finally made it to L.A. at a quarter after midnight, took the shuttle to our airport hotel, and crashed for five hours before going back to the airport.

LAX is no fun to fly out of. The security lines are ridiculously long. We had our choice of two adjacent lines but chose the wrong one in retrospect. The security guy at the front is charged with opening the ropes to let people from the various lines through. Unfortunately, he sent people through the other line about three times as often as he did ours. Whether he did this because he was incompetent or drunk on his own power, we’re not sure. But we do know it took us 40 minutes to make it through security. The flight has been uneventful. The movie, of course, was “Elf,” which this time we declined to watch since by now we can fill in the dialogue on our own. (“Does syrup have sugar in it? Then YES!").

We arrived in Maui around noon, took a nap, took a walk along the oceanfront path, played an impromptu game of ping-pong at the Renaissance Hotel, and went to bed, very tired from a lot of traveling.

December 07, 2004


A new post. How exciting.

Why the new activity? We're headed to Maui next week. Internet-access permitting, we'll be writing about our eight-day return trip to paradise. Last year it rained every day of our vacation. Hoping for better weather this time around.