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March 30, 2006

Checking in

Sorry we've been out of touch. We're having a great time and have been generally too tired to blog. Also, I've been trying to limit my typing time to give my arms a rest.

We're spending our second night in Sorrento. It's an attractive city but not our favorite. Our B&B, Il Roseto, is very pleasant, but it's far from the center of town, so we have spent a good portion of time walking a mile or so on narrow sidewalks, dodging scooters and cars and breathing their ample exhaust. Also, we prefer places with few tourists and lots of locals, but Sorrento is full of visitors -- meaning generally high prices and average food. In short, the city is nice enough, but we'd probably choose somewhere else to stay on a return visit.

Such as Ravello, where we spent a good portion of the day on our tour of the Amalfi Coast. The coast is stunning, but don't drive it unless you're fearless. The roads are narrow, and Italian drivers are insane.

If there's time, I'll provide updates of our time in Naples and Rome earlier this week.

March 22, 2006

A presto!

If you're here, you've found the blog's new home. Welcome. We're headed to Rome, Naples, and Sorrento in several days. As much as I'd love to write at length, commentary will be brief -- probably just the occasional paragraph and some links to pictures. If you're extremely curious about what we're up to, by all means check in!