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Not the "New England of the Midwest." But nice enough.

I've seen Door County referred to in various guidebooks as "the New England of the Midwest." According to Lee's Law of Travel, anyplace that describes itself as the X of the Y is not nearly as good as the original.

I'm here to report that Door County has not disproved Lee's Law, although it's a reasonably pleasant place to spend a few days.

Today was a day for exploring the peninsula, beginning with Peninsula State Park, which according to our guidebook gets as many visitors per year as Yellowstone National Park.

It was quite empty today, which we attributed to it being midweek. But it could have just as easily been because we're the only ones who didn't hear that Wisconsin's mosquito population was throwing a party. I think we were the guests of honor. The ranger said that he'd never seen so many mosquitos at any time in the past three years. We believe it. We stepped out of the car and were instantly swarmed. Then we got back in, killing one mosquito after another, generating bug-lotion-greasy handprints all over the windshield.

We managed to find a reasonably bug-free hike to do along Green Bay and had a pleasant walk for about 30 minutes. Lunch was in nearby Fish Creek at The Cookery. The food was pretty good -- Janene had a large salad with grilled chicken and dried local cherries while I had a garlic pesto burger -- but we were the youngest people in the restaurant by about 25 years.

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