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Slow start, lovely park

Had a slow start to the morning. Janene wasn't feeling great for a few hours, and then as soon as she was doing better, I got a stomachache that kept us in our room for another hour more. But once we finally got going, we saw some beautiful glacier-influenced scenery today. First stop was Toft's Point, just up the road in Bailey's Harbor, a nature preserve with beautiful open Lake Michigan views. It's a lovely spot, with open grasslands giving way to huge, flat stepping stones leading up to the water. Quick lunch back in Bailey's Harbor, buffalo burgers at Weisgerbers Cornerstone Pub. Pure Wisconsin, right down to its collection of headshots of famous Green Bay Packers. Then a lovely walk in Whitefish Dunes State Park. Both Janene and I like the idea of hiking a lot but don't do so well when we actually have to get close to nature. But this park has not only beautiful scenery, but nice wide trails that help keep nature at a comfortable distance. Janene's stamina was the only problem on this walk, as the hills -- something we don't see a lot in Highland Park -- were a bit much for her. On the way home, we made a brief stop at Cave Point County Park, next to Whitefish Dunes and equally beautiful. Then on to Wilson's in Ephraim for an old-fashioned root beer float. (If you're in the mood to transport yourself back to the 1950s, then Door County may be for you.)

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