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A day at the Mall

A very pleasant day today. Reasonably cool -- upper 60s with a nice breeze, but quite warm when the sun was out, which was the case for most of the day.

Like yesterday, Evan had a great time in the city. There were so many things for him to look at -- the tall Metro escalators, the smiling passers-by, the fast subway cars whizzing past him on the platform, and a big lawn to play on (otherwise known as The Mall.)

I started off the day with a short run in the beautiful neighborhood around the hotel, headed northwest past the embassies, then left into Dumbarton Oaks Park. What a wonderful place for a run. Only a few steps into the park, as you descend a big hill, you suddenly feel like you're miles from the city. The noise dissipates, and what had been an urban run suddenly turns into a cross-country trail. It made me wish we had anything remotely comparable at home and nostalgic for my two years living in the DC area.

By the time I returned to the hotel, Evan was up from his nap, and we headed to lunch at Five Guys at the National Place Food Court near Metro Center. We'd read about this place on the Internet. Its burgers and fries are rated as some of the best in DC. We don't know about that, but it was very good, and very cheap, and very greasy. This isn't fine dining. But the small cheeseburger -- not particularly small -- was around $3, and the small fries, plenty big enough for Janene and me to split, were about that as well. For about $12 between us, we had a delicious, not very healthy meal.

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