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Time to leave already?

We're set to leave tomorrow. Unfortunately, I just wrote four paragraphs and accidentally deleted them. No time to write more, so I'll only describe this evening, which was lovely.

Dinner at Il Fico, a spot near Piazza Navona that I'd read about on the Internet. Outstanding Roman cuisine in a very informal setting. We walked back past the Pantheon and had probably our favorite moment on the trip. Sitting on the fountain steps in the center of the piazza, we read Evan a book while a street performer sang arias nearby.We finished in time to hear his final number, which Evan knows very well from one of his favorite YouTube videos. It brought a huge smile to his face, and therefore ours.

Then, gelato at Giolitti, followed by a very long walk back to the hotel. (We've been staying in the Westin Excelsior in a lovely suite, using hotel points. It's far nicer than our house, and I think they'll have to drag us out of here by our fingernails.)

In all, a very nice end to a very nice trip.


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