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October 24, 2009

Lunch (and rain) in Leesburg

After the most painless flying experience we've had in years (empty airport, half-full flight, on-time departure, early arrival), we headed to Leesburg for lunch. When I lived in the DC area, (too) many years ago, I was here only once, briefly. My recollection was of a historic town with quaint shops and restaurant, so it seemed like a worthwhile place to kill a few hours before checking into our room.

My impression was largely correct, though like so many picturesque, historic towns, there's less than meets the eye when you actually try to find something to do. In other words, Leesburg has many shops, but relatively few of interest to us. To be fair, we were there on a crowded, rainy Saturday with only one small umbrella we picked up at a grocery store 30 minutes earlier. In search of a bookstore, we walked about a block before deciding it was raining too hard, then ducked into a parking garage to wait out the worst of the downpour.

Lunch was a quick sandwich at Shoes Cup and Cork Club, a pleasant, atmospheric cafe/coffee shop on King Street, the main drag in town. The name reflects the space's history as an old shoe store, renovated enough to be comfortable but still retaining old signs and other reminders of times past.

A genuine trip...sans child!

Janene and I are on a plane, bound for a long weekend in Northern Virginia. It's the first time we've traveled by air since Evan came along, since five months before he was born, more than three and a half years ago. What a treat to have an uninterrupted conversation with my wife. To navigate the airport check-in process virtually hassle-free. To stroll through the airport with a relatively light carry-on (no portable DVD player!).

Yet more than any other mini-vacation we've taken, we're feeling his absence quite deeply. He's particularly cooperative and engaging these days, and fun to be around. I think we'll enjoy the time away together, celebrating a belated 10th anniversary, not to mention the 13th of our first date (10/27/96). But for now, we miss our little boy, who is probably having a great time with his grandparents (who no doubt are feeding him ice cream as we speak).