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A genuine trip...sans child!

Janene and I are on a plane, bound for a long weekend in Northern Virginia. It's the first time we've traveled by air since Evan came along, since five months before he was born, more than three and a half years ago. What a treat to have an uninterrupted conversation with my wife. To navigate the airport check-in process virtually hassle-free. To stroll through the airport with a relatively light carry-on (no portable DVD player!).

Yet more than any other mini-vacation we've taken, we're feeling his absence quite deeply. He's particularly cooperative and engaging these days, and fun to be around. I think we'll enjoy the time away together, celebrating a belated 10th anniversary, not to mention the 13th of our first date (10/27/96). But for now, we miss our little boy, who is probably having a great time with his grandparents (who no doubt are feeding him ice cream as we speak).


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