Here's a small but representative sample of my copywriting. Many, many more are available on request.

Note: All of these samples are historical documents, provided purely as examples of past work. It should go without saying: Don't make any investment decisions based on anything you read here!)
I write shareholder reports for hundreds of mutual funds every year. Some, like this example, are for equity funds. I've written widely for actively managed and index funds alike (including some of the largest index funds in the country).
Others, like this one, are for bond funds. I've written many high-yield, taxable and tax-free reports.
I regularly write annual reports for real estate funds, both equity- and fixed-income-focused.
This is a brochure written for an independent retirement consulting company.
Here's another advisor brochure.
All the time I'm asked to write on topics I don't know much about beforehand. I'm pretty good at learning on the go. Here's just one example.