“Lee is one of the most talented copywriters I have worked with over my 20-year career. He not only has the ability to write clean copy, but has a thorough understanding of the business issues. He takes the time upfront to ask the tough questions of the client and address the strategic issues that affect the quality of the final product. When he delivers his copy, you do not need to spend the time re-working. It is done well and is very accurate. I would highly recommend him to any company. He is a true professional and a pleasure to work with.”
—M.S, executive director, Invesco

“Working with Lee was seamless, and that’s remarkable given the scope of our project. We presented him with a vast amount of copy from 20 or so different authors, and asked him to rewrite our booklet in a way that would appeal to our customer base. Lee has extensive knowledge of the financial industry, but he is also willing to ask questions and dig until he gets to the heart of your message. His patience and persistence resulted in an incredible project.”
—S.P., fixed income marketing executive

“Lee is a true professional. The quality of his work is extraordinary. He is able to distill difficult concepts and skillfully craft interesting and meaningful copy. It is and has been a privilege to have him as part of our team of consultants."
—D.M., Marketing Associate, Nuveen Investments

“In the three years I have worked with Lee, he has consistently delivered a product that is accurate and thorough. He is very personable and easy to work with. He is extremely flexible with our interview schedules, as well as with deadlines (which he always meets). On several occasions, he has stepped in when we needed a writer at the last minute, and still delivered an excellent draft. We couldn't ask for more in a freelance writer!”
—H.A, editorial coordinator, Delaware Investments

“I’ve worked with Lee to develop a number of brochures focused on unique investment themes and particular products — ETFs, and unit investment trusts. He has delivered terrific work on all occasions. He is very detail-oriented and dives completely into the material — much of which was new to him — to deliver high-quality copy that reads as if he had been writing about the subject matter for years. I would highly recommend Lee.”
—L.G., vice president, Claymore Securities

"We have looked to Lee to write and concept a number of our financial industry projects. Lee's flexibility and willingness to work through projects make him an invaluable resource for agencies. We aren't usually able to give him very much direction, and he is comfortable coming up with new perspectives and suggestions. Definitely punctual and professional."
—S.M., account manager, VSA Partners

"I like working with Lee—he is very professional, responsive to my needs, and delivers superior work."
—V.H., vice president, Northern Funds

“I have worked with Lee for almost 8 years, primarily as a writer for our shareholder reports. Lee has done an exceptional job for us over the years and I highly recommend his services.”
—A.C., assistant vice president, Nuveen Investments

“Lee has been a regular resource for our marketing group at Delaware Investments since 2003, usually handling at least several writing jobs a year for us. He brings deep knowledge of the financial services industry to his work, as well as great professionalism. Lee is extremely reliable and can dig into different types of assignments by asking good questions. He is easy to work with, and more than most freelance communicators with whom we contract, Lee really understands how to take a job "off our hands," to the degree that may be necessary in a given situation. Lee regularly interfaces with some of our company's more senior investment personnel, and always forges good, productive working relationships, showing the ability to work well with many different types of people.”
—B.S., vice president, Delaware Investments

"Lee was a pleasure to work with. We had a tight deadline on the project, and he was able to absorb all of the information given to him from our client and turn around the copy quickly and thoroughly."
—J.S., senior designer, Pivot Design

"As always, Lee, you have done a terrific job. I hope we get to work together again, as you always make this process very easy."
—M.M., portfolio manager, Van Kampen Investments

"Lee has done a phenomenal job staying on track and producing superior copy that is seamless to our process. I can count on staying ahead and knowing that I will have high-quality copy each time."
C.F., shareholder communications, Nuveen Investments

"A great job, as always! I wouldn't change a thing."
—D.B., portfolio manager, Van Kampen Investments

"Thanks for being such a good writer. Your work is a pleasure to edit."
—N.S., editor, PDI Global

“I am so pleased with the transformation of my beginning product to the final result....Lee is extremely good at helping you view things from the perspective you may not naturally be inclined to.”
—S.P., financial advisor

“Lee was hired as a freelance consultant at Van Kampen to write content for shareholder reports. It was a pleasure to work with Lee. His work was always excellent, he was very reliable and he met each and every deadline with ease. I would highly recommend him and hope to be able to work with him again in the future.”
—S.R., marketing project manager, Van Kampen Investments

Note: Names withheld to protect privacy. If you want to know more about the context for any of these quotes, just let me know.